1 Locked Name

5.50 GBP


What you get:

- When using your locked name, you will not receive before spawn video ads!

- An invite to our private discord where you can redeem your token!

- A token that once redeemed, will provide you with a 1 month in-game locked name (meaning only you can use the name!) & access to our in-game cell panel allowing you to customize many options included but not limited to ejected mass skins, name fonts, name colors, chat colors and the ability to use skins without them being in your name!

- Access to our locked name giveaway channel where you can earn yourself an extra 1 month locked name!

- Redeeming: Once you join our private discord, you will have to press the claim button in #token-claim-channel where the process of redeeming your token with a bot will start. Ensure you have your token and Gota ID (Found in the Social tab) in order to complete this process

- Additional Requirement: You must have a Gota account in order to redeem a locked name! This can be created by pressing “Log in” on the game menu

This packages expires after 31 days. All perks/benefits will become unavailable. The tokens themselves will last forever until they are redeemed in-game as a locked name, at which a 31 day timer will start. After 31 days, the locked name will expire.